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Looking for a great fundraising opportunity? Look no further! Fundraisers with Holiday Fried Pecans give you the potential of a 100% - 120% profit to support your cause!

Why choose Holiday Fried Pecans as your next fundraiser?

Holiday Fried Pecans is a quickly growing specialty snack and gift company located in central Louisiana. The company's rise in popularity can be attributed to its first treat – a salty, sweet 100% certified Louisiana fried pecan that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of cravings. However, more importantly, Holiday Fried Pecans supports our local farmers by purchasing only Louisiana Pecans.

Thus, choosing to use Holiday Fried Pecans as your next vendor for a fundraiser can and will help our communities grow.

What is your profit?

Holiday Fried Pecans will sell you three sizes of pouches at a discounted rate - below retail cost. Please see the chart below to-wit:

As you can see from the chart above your fundraiser will be profiting 100 - 120%!

How to get started with your fundraiser?

Simply call our toll free number, 1-855-527-3226, or fill out the form below to set up a meeting with one of our staff members.

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Fundraiser Faq's

What about sales tax?

Some states do require the collection of sales tax when conducting school fundraisers. We recommend that your group check with the Louisiana Dept. of Revenue at 225-219-7462. Please note that your organization will be responsible for all taxes, if any are required to be collected. Furthermore, should you not have a tax exempt number this could affect your profit margin on your fundraiser.

What do I do once all orders and money have been collected?

In general, you will be asked to mail your orders one week after your fundraising stop date. This is to ensure that you have collected any late orders and money. You will need to make sure that you have a copy of each student's order form for your records before mailing the original order forms to us for processing.

When and how should I submit payment?

Payment is due prior to delivery of your fundraising merchandise. You will receive an invoice prior to your delivery. We require payment using a cashier's check, check from your organization or business account check for the amount due (shown at the very bottom of the invoice). Make this check payable to: Holiday Fried Pecans.

When will I receive my school fundraising merchandise?

Delivery of school fundraising merchandise will vary depending upon geographical location; however, the delivery can take as little as two (2) days or up to approximately 2 weeks after the payment is received.

What do I do when my merchandise is ready for pick-up from Holiday Fried Pecans andor for shipment?

When your order is ready for pick-up from Holiday Fried Pecans and/or arrives via common carrier, check the shipment closely before signing the delivery. Make sure there are no damaged boxes, the pallets are shrink wrapped, and that you have the correct number of pallets. If any problems are seen, notate those problems on the confirmation of delivery before signing. Never blindly sign for any product without checking it first. If your fundraising order is arriving UPS ground, let your office staff know of the pending shipment and to notify you upon delivery. A signature is not required for UPS ground shipments.

When should merchandise be distributed?

Begin distribution of school fundraising orders the day of or the day after they arrive. Set a specific date and time for parents to pick up orders. Make sure notices are sent home with date and times of distribution. Also, if your school district has a voicemail system that allows for automatic messages to be sent out to your parents, arrange to have the principal record a voicemail reminder. Make sure that you mention the day and time of the pickup. Some schools will even inform parents up front that if they don't pick up their orders by a specific day and time then their product will become the property of the school or organization.

Do I have to pay for any fundraising materials?

No. Holiday Fried Pecans Fundraising will send you as much as fundraising packet material you need at no charge. The material provided will be an order form with information about Holiday Fried Pecans and an envelope for your sellers to put the collected monies from orders in.

Do I collect money at the time the order is made or upon delivery?

Yes, Pre-pay is when your sellers take fundraising orders and receive payment at the same time. These funds are then initially deposited in your fundraiser account. Most organizations now find it easier to collect the money up front at the time the sale is made as opposed to waiting until the product is delivered to the customer.

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