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Salmon w/Dijon & Holiday Fried Pecans

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Salmon wDijon & Holiday Fried Pecans

Let the salmon thaw overnight in the freezer if it's frozen.
About 30 minutes before you plan to cook, put it on a small roasting sheet
Let the fish come to room temperature. (Season it with your favorite rub or a brownsugar and honey)

Mix the Dijon and mayo in a small bowl ( YOu can use more mayo and less Dijon if you are not a fan of mustard)

Spread the mixture of Dijon and mayo onto each piece of salmon

Sprinkle coursely chopped Holiday Fried Pecans onto the salmon and pat them down so they stick.
Roast salmon 10-12 minutes in an oven that you have pre-heated to 425F
DO NOT OVER COOK, Salmon should be barely firm when it is done.

Serve Hot.


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